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The Ethiopian Foreign Relations Strategic Studies Institute (EFRSSI) is an autonomous strategic studies institution established by the Ethiopian Federal Council of Ministers Regulation number 347/2015 which was adopted on 2nd October 2015.

EFRSSI is a reformed version of the former Ethiopian Foreign Relations Strategic Studies Institute (institute) which had been established by Council of Ministers Regulation in 1996 as an autonomous research and training institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Over the subsequent period, the institute worked on orientation for recruits to the diplomatic service as well as other middle level civil service officers in the skills of diplomacy. Furthermore, the institute organized and run programmes of awareness generation about key provisions of the Constitution in human, democratic right and civil responsibility.

This reformed version serves foreign policy through knowledge accumulation, analyses, strategic scenario investigation and policy option indicators. This Institute takes account of the status attained by Ethiopia in view of its democratization drive and economic expansion which have broadened its interests vis-a-viz the current and future realities of globalization and Ethiopia’s contribution to processes of managing the international system.


EFRSSI becomes an influential center of knowledge base for action in foreign affairs and a prominent vehicle of discourse in Africa.


Objectives and Mandate

The objectives and mandate of the EFRSSI are outlined in the regulation on its establishment. Making research and analyses available to foreign policy making constitutes the principal direction of its functions.

a) Objectives of the EFRSSI
1. to be a center of excellence in research on promotion of sustainable peace and security in Ethiopia and in the countries of the Horn of Africa, Africa and the rest of the world having relevance to the national interest of Ethiopia;

2. to carry out researches, studies, analyses, seminars, workshops, panel discussions and lectures based on Ethiopian Foreign Relations and National Security Policy and Strategy and make recommendations by exploring alternative policy options;

3. to make accessible the findings of conferences, seminars, workshops, as well as the proceedings of panel discussions and lectures in print and electronic publications.

b) Mandate, designated as powers and duties
1. collect and analyze data and undertake research on emerging national, regional and global issues.

2. conduct research on the Ethiopian Foreign Relations and National Security Policy and Strategy, with a view to identifying and proposing alternative methods of implementation and awareness creation.

3. conduct studies, assessment and analysis on strategic issues, opportunities and challenges with regard to foreign relations and provide consultancy services;

4. establish information pools of publications, other documents and serve as a reference center.

5. organize short term trainings, seminars, workshops symposia, conferences, and other forums for knowledge and experience sharing debates on issues related to foreign relations;

6. organize joint forums and establish cooperation with international and national governmental and non-governmental organizations and individuals that have similar objectives.

7. publish and disseminate research and study results;

8. own property, enter into contracts. sue and be sued in its own name;

9. undertake other activities necessary for the attainment of its objectives.



With accountability to parliamentary oversight in the form of regular reports to the Foreign Affairs Standing Committee of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, the EFRSSI functions under the supervision of an Advisory Council chaired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which also appoints the council members.

It is managed by a director general and deputies appointed by the Federal Government which also allocates the core of the Institute’s budget. Financing arrangements can be worked out with partners in individual programmens and projects.

The director general and his/her management staff design internal rules and procedures for the regular implementation of plans, programmens and projects.


Fields and Themes of Special Interest

Analyses of the dynamics of international relations, scenario planning relative to opportunities and challenges that impact on Ethiopia’s vital national interest.


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