Japan Visit

Summary Report of the visit of Hon. AW Sebhat Nega, Executive Director of the Ethiopian International for Peace and Development (institute) to. Japan from 23- 28th May 2010

The Executive Director of the Ethiopian Foreign Relations Strategic Studies Institute (institute) Hon. Ato Sebhat Nega visited Japan from 23 -28 May 2010 upon the invitation of Mr. Noburo Hatakeyama, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Japan Economic Foundation (JEF).

During his visit, Hon. Ato Sebhat met and held discussions with Mr. Hatakeyama on the possibilities of future cooperation between institute and JEF. In this regard, he presented a list of projects which could be considered between the two institutions for future cooperation. The two institutions have agreed to work together on Joint research programs and training projects and to this effect a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by the two principals on the 26th of May 2010.

On this occasion, Hon. Ato Sebhat underscored the need to implement the MoU for the mutual benefit of both sides and he expressed his firm commitment to see to it that the MoU is realized in terms of concrete cooperation in joint projects and programmes concerning Africa-Japan partnership, IGAD and the sub-region as well as Ethiopia-Japan relations. On his part, Mr. Hatakeyama explained the activities undertaken by JEF in the Magreb region of Africa and Japan's economic relations with countries of the region. He therefore said similar undertakings could also be considered with Ethiopia and other members of IGAD. He also mentioned the possibility of introducing countries of the region in Japan Spotlight, a bimonthly publication of the Foundation.


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